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Automatic injector Medical Device to get an injection yourself

Automatic injector Medical Device to get an injection yourself

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Reusable. non-sterile needle for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections in hospitals and at home. enables you to administer shots on your own without the requirement for specialised training or experience. lessens discomfort and suffering. guarantees accurate injection.

The goal of the autoinjector is to significantly lessen injection discomfort and improve patient comfort for both adults and children.

You can use the equipment without the assistance of third parties because the manufacturers have made it so easy to use and convenient.

is in possession of a Roszdravnadzor registration certificate with the RZN 2021/13631 number.

The device can be used again for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections in hospitals and at home.

The gadget is a small. cover-mounted. ergonomic polymer enclosure.



Automated injections are made possible by spring mechanisms inside the enclosure.

A trigger button on the side of the body engages the injection mechanics.

On the product's body. in the area closest to the needle exit hole. is a safety button. In the event that the release button is accidentally pressed. the device will not function.

Syringes with capacities of 3 ml and 5 ml can be fitted into the injector body with replacement cartridges.

The cartridge holder. which is housed inside the device body. is where the syringe cartridge is attached.

To remove the cap from the syringe needle. a cap remover is supplied.

Operating Principle:

The syringe's reciprocation is ensured by spring mechanisms. which are essential to the functioning of an automatic injector.

Spring mechanisms are activated by pressing the release button. A single push of the release button performs the functions of several sequential actions needed for a standard injection:

  1. Insert the needle.
  2. Move the piston to administer the drug.
  3. Remove the needle.



Functional Characteristics:

The autonomous medical injector solves the problem of medical facilities being far away by enabling you or your loved ones to administer injections without assistance from outside sources.

You can minimise your physical and mental reactions to injection procedures by using this equipment.

When the attending physician provides injectable medications and there is no professional medical care accessible. the gadget relieves the patient's nervous strain during the injection and enables you to handle on your own without outside support.

The needle quickly and painlessly penetrates the injection site at a 90-degree angle and descends to the required depth.



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