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Bloody Color Changing Horrible Bath Floor Mat

Bloody Color Changing Horrible Bath Floor Mat

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Horrible Floor Mat might have unanticipated consequences. but you couldn't imagine living without it! It can be utilised in the living room. kitchen. and other areas.

It appears quite eerie when you spray water on it because it resembles actual blood. It returns to its natural colour after drying rather rapidly. The bathroom carpeting will get dry and the 'blood' will vanish. Watch the blood-red stains vanish and turn back into white as you hang them to dry.

Their lives are concealed everywhere. their almost undetectable thickness: When you leave the bloodstains from using your partner in the shower. let them feel the effect. One of a kind practical joke that you can pull off practically anyplace.


  • Two different discoloration effects are available on our mats: the gorgeous blood dripping colour change effect and the pumpkin colour change effect. which was created especially for Halloween.
  • It can be utilised in a variety of settings. including the living room and kitchen. and may have surprising results. However. you can't imagine life without it.
  • Their lives are concealed everywhere by their nearly undetectable thickness. Let your partner or girlfriend leave a trace after taking a shower. One of a kind practical joke that you can pull off practically anyplace.
  • Recyclable: when it comes into contact with water. it turns red or pumpkin-colored. and when the water dries. it returns to its original state.


  • Composition: PVC
  • Design: Contemporary
  • Dimensions: 40 by 70 cm
  • Form: Rectangular
  • Colour: white with a pumpkin hue
  • Bathroom is the relevant room.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Horrible floor mat


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