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Hinged Joint Support Knee Bandage - Knee Sleeve

Hinged Joint Support Knee Bandage - Knee Sleeve

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Take advantage of this affordable knee brace to help you avoid further injury to your knee and hasten the healing process.

In order to increase overall knee stability. the Hinged Joint Support Knee Bandage helps by gently pressing on the tendons beneath the kneecap. After surgery. this kind of knee brace is frequently worn. particularly the patients who require more protection and assistance.

Its Strong Rebound Spring Force efficiently lessens the pressure on your knees while you're moving. supporting your thighs and calves. The weight limit for this knee pad is 20 kg. And because of this. it's perfect for wearing during the day.

The rear hinges provide the utmost stability and support required when engaging in strenuous exercises because they are created with the shapes of the knees examined. Additionally. it has two wrap-around straps that you can use to secure it firmly while leaving your kneecap open.

Those who have used our Hinged Joint Support  to support their knees have reported great success with the assistance they received. It is perfect for recovering from knee pain. preventing overtraining. and preventing achy knees.

Material: Velcro. Silicone. and Neoprene

Dimensions: Product Height 31 cm. Upper Strap 54 cm. Lower Strap 44 cm

650g in weight

Package Includes:

  • 1 x pair of Hinged Joint Supports (spring loaded).
  • 6 x Extra spring.
  • 1 x Carrying case.
  • 1 x User Manual



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