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Professional Knife Sharpener

Professional Knife Sharpener

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Professional Knife Sharpener

Frustrated with blunt knives? Cutting should be easy. right? But here you are. sawing away. Your favorite sharp knives just don't cut it anymore . And those old sharpeners or stones? More trouble than they're worth. They're rough on your knives and still leave them dull. Annoying. right? But hey. don't throw them out yet! 

Our knife sharpener is here to bring back that brand-new-knife thrill. Sharp. efficient. and ready to tackle anything. In a few seconds. your dull blade turns razor-sharp. It's like giving your knife a second life. Quick. efficient. and no fuss. That's our promise.

The secret ingredient? TUNGSTEN CARBIDE SHARPENERS. These wonders auto-adjust to your knife's angle. be it 12 or 20 degrees. Gentle swipe for delicate slicing. a firmer pull for hardcore chopping. The sharpener adapts. and you get the perfect edge. every time.

And there's more. Our sharpener isn't just smart. It's strong. The patented spring-action bars adapt to your knife. ensuring the perfect edge every time. Whether it's a delicate fillet knife or a hefty chopper. our sharpener handles it all. Your kitchen deserves this. Sharp knives. safe hands. happy cooking.

  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY : Utilizes superior technology Offers the fastest and easiest way to sharpen knives. including straight and serrated types. without removing metal.
  • ULTRA-HARD TUNGSTEN CARBIDE SHARPENERS: The ultra-hard material allows users to customize bevel angles. with the option for a factory bevel. fine slicing blade. or sturdy chopping blade.
  • PRECISION ANGLE CONTROL: Users can control the angle from 12 degrees for delicate fillet knives to 20 degrees for robust chopping blades. ensuring precision in sharpening.
  • SAFE AND EASY: Our user-friendly. professional knife sharpener works on all blade types. ensuring easy and safe sharpening for both beginners and experts.
  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT SHARPENING: Revitalizes dull knives in seconds. restoring the brand-new-knife thrill with sharp and efficient results.


  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Colour: Steel
  • Product dimensions: 18L x 14W x 18H centimetres
  • Item weight : 400 Grams


  • 1 x Knife Sharpener

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