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Unisex Thermal Gloves

Unisex Thermal Gloves

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  • Water- and wind-resistant
  • Silicone palm with no slippage
  • enables touchscreen use
  • Warmth is provided down to -30°C.
  • movable zipper

Are you sick of having damp gloves? These thermal gloves are ideal for chilly winter days because they are resistant to water.



Thermal clothing to keep you warm in the winter

The cold weather is perfect for these thermal gloves. To keep your hands toasty warm. they have an interior layer of soft. plush fabric insulation. Superior water-resistant fabric makes up the top layer. Non-slip silicone cushions are also included in the palms so you can continue working comfortably in the gloves.

The gloves are lightweight and comfortable to work in despite having several layers of cloth. Even in extremely cold temperatures. they will shield your hands. Even playing in the snow wouldn't cause your hands to get cold!



Appropriate for every outdoor pursuit

Do you ride a bike? What about jogging or hiking? You need these thermal gloves that are windproof. There won't be any water penetration. even if it rains. Do your hands get chilly when you're driving? The hands are ideal for holding the steering wheel because they are non-slip. How about skiing? Not a problem! They are incredibly adaptable and will easily maintain the warmth inside.

Are you unsure if they'll withstand the dog's walks? These gloves are incredibly strong and long-lasting due to the double stitching and resistant design. You will be astounded by their exquisite craftsmanship. They are excellent for holding onto your dog's lead and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. Some people even use these gloves for gardening!



Utilise with a touchscreen

The conductive substance on the fingertips of these thermal gloves is one of their outstanding characteristics. The inconvenience of removing your gloves will be avoided while using your phone or tablet. The gloves work with touchscreen devices from Apple. Android. and other manufacturers. The tips of the thumb. index finger. and middle finger are made of conductive cloth.



Cosy and comfortable

One might think that gloves that are windproof. waterproof. and extremely warm would need to be rather large. Not these gloves. though. They're remarkably flexible and thin. Many believe they're classy and sophisticated enough to wear anywhere. They will probably fit you like a second skin. Additionally. they seem lightweight and are comparatively thin despite their durability. They're ideal for outdoor labour.

Which size ought you to select? Most women's hands will fit in small and medium sizes. Most men's hand sizes fit into the large size. Select size XL if your hands are quite huge.



adjustable zipper and windproof

There are movable zippers on the gloves. These will maintain the gloves against your wrists snug but not constricted. Additionally. the zip is windproof. so no draughts will be able to penetrate and cool your skin. While putting on the other glove. it's simple to zip up the garments with one gloved hand. The gloves have enough flexibility for practically any outdoor activity.




  • Colour: orange. purple. blue. or black
  • Content: 18% polyurethane. 82% polyester
  • Unisex gender
  • S. M. and XL in sizes
  • Glove type: Full finger



Package Includes:

1 x pair of thermal gloves





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